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Design for Communities / Clean Air School's Project

Thousands of children at London schools unfortunately breathe toxic air. Air pollution is not exclusively an environmental challenge as it has become a public health crisis. Road traffic emissions in the UK have risen with the increase of diesel car sales, creating harmful levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the air we breathe.


How might we raise awareness about road traffic air pollution around schools and change behaviour for positive impact?


Data shows 802 schools, nurseries and colleges are in areas where levels of nitrogen dioxide breach EU legal limits..


We start with immersive research
to identify key issues, allowing us
to ask the right questions.

Collaborating with Dr Ben Barratt from King’s College London air quality and environmental research team, air quality monitoring stations and their scientific sensors helped unravel complexities of London’s air pollution accurately and to a calibrated standard. Using the King’s mapping
facility the historical data maps allowed the team to see the bigger picture, to a resolution of 20 meters for London. (NO2) diffusion tubes were also placed over a 4 week period to give ambient readings for the project.

Supplementing King’s sensors were new innovative wearable and portable technology. New to the market, the sensors were first
benchmarked then used as personal sensors in the vicinity of the children, for a child’s eye view of exposure.

Designed with teachers to co-create age specific activities, working with key stage 1 children. Highlighting local hots spot, using
creative mapping techniques for children to create new ways of coming into school.

We produced a graphical campaign of posters and leaflets, while promoting the project on social media.

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My Role​

I planned a series of workshops using the Double Diamond DT process with teachers to co-create age specific activities.

I ran the service strategy and visual
design function overseeing the
research and final delivery


As a result, the school street had
signage installed and community police helped raise awareness about how to stop idling around the school.

We left a positive legacy with the
school head and teachers.

While parents and children became more aware and sensible about air pollution and exposure reduction, the following weeks we witnessed a clear reduction in road traffic from school parents.

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