Design Thinking Key Analytics Dashboards with PwC




Sustainability / User Research UX / UI / Interaction Design / Prototyping


How might we turn boring data into a clear insightful, functional and informative user experience?

SDGs Target

Redesigning Financial Analytics

PwC have been a leading international management consultancy helping organisations navigate through corporate risk and financial strategy. In FY19, PwC firms provided services to 85% of the Global Fortune 500 and more than 100,000 entrepreneurial and private businesses. With challenging economic uncertainty ahead KPI’s and data visualisation has become crucial for business leaders to manage big decisions.


Designing KPI dashboards for legacy financial services and pension management consultancy.

Managing pensions services for employees in an ever-changing environment can be challenging. Against a backdrop of legislative
change and regulatory requirements.

How might we turn boring data into
a clear insightful, functional and
informative user experience


We looked back at the best design principles from Don Norman, Edward Tufte, Hans Rosling and David McCandless – UX and data visualisation pioneers.


We started 2 weeks discovery before the the first design phase. Looking back at best design principles and making sure the client and users were aligned while going ahead.

We collected user stories, pain points and priorities to help inform the wireframes.

Using Miro for collaboration
and tracking comments. After distilling priorities of key features
and data that needs to be presented we went on to wireframe using Adobe XD, using the feedback feature for revisions.

Working closely with the backend dev team, we decided to use Google Material Design and created our customised design
system to suit client partner needs.

We ran remote A/B testing on key features, working in an agile and iterative process. After refining hi-fidelity mockups and sign off we passed on the designs using Zeplin
to our frontend developers to build.

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My Role​

I ran the UX / UI design function, from assets, components to interactive prototype. Overseeing the research, designing target and working closely with the business strategy team.


Dashboards are now live and delivering substantial improvements in user experience.

Improving efficiency of doing tasks, allowing consultants to communicate to clients effectively through simple and intuitive user interfaces.

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